Christmas Love Tour-Volunteer Team Volunteers' Thoughts

Dear Hong Kong friends:

Greetings! New Year's Day is coming soon. On behalf of Jieyang friends, I would like to offer my sincere wishes to you. I wish you a happy New Year's Day and a smooth and healthy New Year!

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. In just a few days of getting along, each of our hearts was deeply shocked. Your sincerity in volunteer work, your enthusiasm for poor orphans and others in need, your trust in your friends, your magnanimity in life, and your life and life enjoyment. The attitude of acceptance is engraved into our hearts, and these spirits are like the rain and dew that has been waiting for a long time in the drought, dripping and moisturizing our hearts.

In the dark, it seems to be doomed. Fate made us meet in the Women's Federation of Jieyang City, meet in Jieyang Vocational and Technical College, and meet in Zifeng Temple. Here, we laughed, we cried, and we were moved, all of which are so unforgettable.KeyMr.’s heart call of gratitude and appreciation, Dr. Guo’s funny, concise and meaningful teaching, and her free and unrestrained attitude towards life,AnitaSister andbillshumThe broad and kindheartedness of the brothers and his wife, as well as the persistence and seriousness of volunteer life,KeyThe family’s support for volunteer activities, and each friend’s compassion and care for the orphans of Zifeng Temple……Bit by bit, voice and voice, in this cold and rainy winter, the light will turn into a gleaming treasure box in memory at any time, so precious, it is worth our lifetime to collect sincerity and love.

Because of you and me, concentric circles have gradually become a bigger circle of love. We hold hands, experience every laughter, every tear with our heart, and dedicate our love to people struggling in poverty and loneliness. We use practical actions to prove our commitment and responsibility, integrate more people who also embrace love, and join us. Our love is in circle.

The brightness of life lies in warming each other. God sent you this The group of lovely angels is to spread hope, convey the faith of love, and warm the lonely hearts wandering in the dark night and the cliff of life. However, my friends, please believe us, the road in life may be rough, or the road will lead to nothing Obstacles, but the contract of the soul will let you who are far away in Hong Kong walk with us, live together in a blue sky, hold on to the same dream, and pursue the same hope.

All thoughts gathered in my heart, but the words were hard to speak. Beautiful melody often circulates around the brain. Grateful heart, thank you for staying with us throughout our lives, more regretless the original choice, and face life stronger. Love is on the left and gratitude is on the right. Plowing all the way, sowing all the way, I believe that in this barren land, dazzling flowers will bloom, let this fragrance permeate the whole world.

I am very grateful for a thousand words. On behalf of all the volunteers of Jieyang Vocational and Technical College, I would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who are far away in Hong Kong. Looking forward to the coming days, we can get together again.




Jieyang Vocational and Technical College

Young Volunteers Association


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