Women Volunteer Leadership Training Course

Women Volunteer Leadership Training Course
Participants' feelings



 A change in thinking



The difference between humans and animals is that humans have developed minds and thinking; human actions are realized under the control of thinking consciousness. Therefore, a person's way of thinking determines his intent and behavior, and a successful social worker must innovate his own way of thinking.
In the few days of study in this training class, I think my biggest gain is that I have to consciously change my way of thinking.
Unity is strength, unity yields efficiency



Society is a large system composed of human beings. The development and progress of society is achieved in the movement of constantly resolving contradictions. As a person who is aspiring to be a leader of social work, he must care about all aspects of society and strive to solve social problems.
In the learning process of this training class, teachers repeatedly mentioned the meaning and mission of social work. As a member of society, many people are concerned and concerned about the problems that arise in our society, and they all hope to continuously solve problems and promote social harmony and development. However, care and attention are not enough. What society needs is action. Individual power is limited, especially in the large social system, what is needed is the integration of various resources, of course, including the integration of human resources. The mission of a social worker leader is how to integrate resources and play the role of everyone in the team. In construction, the most important thing is unity. As the saying goes: "Unity is strength, and unity produces efficiency."

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