Joint Project with Hong Kong Institute of Education

5-year Plan (2009 – 2014)

 Children learn through dancing and singing


To provide a fun, creative, enriched environment for children to learn English in rural schools.



English Can Be Fun!



Reach out to 100 schools with the collaboration of a network of volunteers in Hong Kong and China



a. To train teachers to use the English Learning Corner for enrichment

b. To train students to be self-learning learners in using the English Learning Corner



Through a collaborative effort and a train-the-teachers program, volunteer teachers in China will be trained to run these programs for a year. In the end, however, the teachers in the individual schools will take up the responsibility of running the enrichment programs for their schools.


Collaborative partners:

Rural Schools contact:

House of Learning will liaise with the Guangdong Women’s Association in identifying the rural schools and to coordinate the logistics in organizing volunteers for the schools.

English Curriculum:

Volunteers from Hong Kong Institute of Education will provide the teaching/learning content for the English Learning Corner and to provide guidance to the volunteer teachers.


Volunteers in China will be trained to conduct the enrichment sessions.   These volunteers will be recruited based on the location of the rural schools, e.g. Qing yuan volunteers are being recruited to teach in the 清新 schools; 白云 volunteers are being recruited to teach in 白云 area schools.