English Learning Center (ELC)

3 Years Plan

To provide a fun, creative, enriched environment for children to learn English in rural schools.
English Can Be Fun!
Reach out to 100 schools with the collaboration of a network of volunteers in Hong Kong and China
Through a collaborative effort and a train-the-teachers program, volunteer teachers in China will be trained to run these programs for a year. In the end, however, the teachers in the individual schools will take up the responsibility of running the enrichment programs for their schools.
A. Planning Schedule
1st year: 2010 April ~ 2011 June :5 centers inQingyuan:(清新太平鎮馬岳小學,三坑鎮湴塘,雅文,陂頭,楓坑小學)
2nd year: 2011 July ~ 2012 June 15~45centersQingyuan
3rd year:2012 July ~ 2013 June 30~50centersTBC
B. Objectives
a. To train teachers to use the English Learning Corner for enrichment
b. To train students to be self-learning learners in using the English Learning Corner
C. Plan
1st year: 2010 April ~ 2011 June
Pilot programs of 5 centers in Qingyuan, and after doing a lot of evaluation and experiences, we will extend the program to other districts
Weekly lesson
Total 18 lessons2.5hrs per lesson(150 mins)
- including: 30mins. Brain enrichment90mins. English30mins. Students self-learning
Schedule of Qingyuan volunteers
2010 Oct.1327; Nov.1024; Dec.85 lessons
2011 Mar. 9162330; Apr. 6132027; May 111625; June 82213 lessons
Total: 18 lessons
*Although our 5 ELCs will be finished by June 2011, AML staffs and HOL personnel will start visit them from April to Dec., once in a month, this is to give these 5 schools continual support and caring until they are independent.
2nd year: 2011 July~2012 June
1. 2011 Jan~June: Selection of new schools with Guangdong Province Women’s Association: set up ELC in 15 schools (we have condition to expand to 45 schools)
2. 2011 Jan~Feb: Send out ELC application forms to schools through Guangdong Province Women’s Association and district heads, schools start to hand in their forms
3. 2011 March: Identifying and recommending new schools with district heads and Educating Dept.
4. 2011 April~May: HOL inspecting the schools
5. 2011 June: HOL and Guangdong Women’s Association finalize the selection of new schools
Conditions on selection of districts
Set up an education district for each 5 primary schools, and choose those that are convenient for volunteers to travel
Choose 15 schools in Qingyuan district first (volunteers are from Qingyuan Technical School)
Conditions on selection of schools
a. The principals and teachers of the schools have high desire and participation in ELCs
b. The schools can apply the unique design of ELC (a room that can accommodate 50 students, walls painted in yellow, white and green, internet and computer that can be utilized will be considered first)
c. The schools can handle the safety and transportation of the volunteers.
2011 July ELC Train-the-teacherscamp and ELC Inauguration4 days&3 nights
This program is a joint effort from Hong Kong Institute of Education volunteers, House of Learning personnel and Guandong Province Women’s Association volunteers and leaders
The focuses of this program are :
a. to familiarize the China volunteers with the curriculum set up by HKIEd.
b. to provide skills in using the ELC
c. to understand the mission and function behind the ELC
ParticipantsTotal 185
l          House of Learning: 6
l          Hong Kong Institute of Education: 16
l           Guandgodng Province Women’s Association and Qingyuan district leaders: Total 15
l          Guangzhouvolunteers and students from Guandgodng Women’s Association : Total 40
l          ELC volunteers in charge: 15 schools*4 volunteers + 3 leaders = 63
l          1 Principal and 2 English teachers from each ELC: 15 schools*3 people = 45
2011Sept.~ 2012 June ELC programs
1. Organize ELC activities once in 2 weeks by volunteers and English teachers, total: 18 lessons
Sept. of every year begins: 1 lesson
Oct: 2 lessons            Nov.: 2 lessons
Dec. 2 lessons   Jan.: 2 lessons                  
Mar: 2 lessons   Apr: 2 lessons
May: 2 lessons  June: 3 lessons        
ELC will be divided into 4 areasBlack color items are supplied by schools, blue color are by HOL

English Reading Corner
English books
Repeater machine
Net Learning Corner
Visual Aids Corner
TV set
DVD machine
English DVDs
Activities Corner
English games
English Alphabet Mat

2. Then have the teachers to be responsible to open ELCs once in 2 weeks to all students, encouraging students self-learning
3rd year: 2012 July~2013 June
1. 2012 Jan~June Selection of Schools: 20 schools (we have condition to expand to 50 schools)
2. 2012 July ELC Train-the-teachers camp and ELC Inauguration4 days & 3 nights
Initial plan of the training venue will be in Guangzhou English College district, and real practice will be in Guangzhou district primary schools, decisions to be made by Guangdong ProvinceWomen’s Association
2012 Sept~2013 June ELC program
The program will continue on following the pattern above.