Guangdong Women Volunteers Training Program

Partner: Guangdong Womens Association


"The Power of Volunteer Service" Training

Date: 20-22 July 2008

Place: Zhaoqing Juncheng Hotel

Content: We provided trainings focused on mobilie libraries project and equipped volunteers with essential skills to hold the project


Practical Training

Date: 22-26 July 2008

Place: Hong Kong

Content: A practical training attended by experienced Guangdong volunteers coming to Hong Kong to learn about the underpriviledged children service projects

Light Up Childrens Artistic Talent in Full

Partner: Guangdong Womens Association


"The Same Dream" Paint & Love

Date: 6-7 June 2008

Place: Zhaoqing Dai Lung Primary School

Content: 100 underpriviledged mountain children were taught by a famous illustrator. Through painting, these children shared love and care with those children affected by Sichuan earthquake.


"The Same Dream" Painting Exhibition

Date: 1-15 September 2008

Place: Hong Kong Wan Chai C.C. Wu Building

Content: We organized a display of paintings drawn by mountain children whom we had visited. We hoped the paintings would touch the hearts of Hong Kong students and stimulate their artistic innovation. It was also our hope that the display would enhance cultural exchange between students in Hong Kong and Mainland China.