Hong Kong
Service Projects

Serve children in Hong Kong. We offer a variety of activities to motivate their learning habit and to build their confidence.

Service Projects

Serve children in China. Children have benefited from a variety of public welfare activities.

Latest News

Latest news from our exchange and public welfare activities.


  • It’s so fun for children to participate in concerts and perform, and they are able to experience so many things. Thanks House of Learning for creating this platform for our girls to practice courage. Thank you and thank you very much.

  • The most memorable part of the exchange group was staying at the children’s home for one night. I saw them eating very simple dinner, helping their mother's work, and they were very sensible! I admire it very much, and I also deeply feel the truth that "ordinary is blessing"! I used to ignore my blessings around me, now I have learned to be grateful for everything around me, and I will cherish everything I have in the future!

  • Before my son learned roller skating,he was so timid, he didn’tndare to try. But since the first lesson, he has become so courageous! As soon as he puts on the skates, he will be so excited and learn to skate with great effort. With careful instruction, he learned how to stop, move forward, and backward. Now his balance is better, and become more confident.