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[:en]Kevin-Organizing Committee of Superlearning Camp

Hi everyone, Im Kevin, one of the organizing committee of the superlearning camp. This camp is a meaningful, useful and unforgettable experience for me. You can make use of your knowledge and effort to contribute to the society and help the underprivileged children in Sham Shiu Po district. And you can also learn a lot from the camp, for example, I have learnt leadership skills,communication skills and teamwork skills. These soft skills are very important in the future and I strongly recommend all of you to join our volunteer team.


Rita-Organizing Committee of Superlearning Camp

I really appriciate this oppotunity of joining the social responsibility project. It is the first time for me to know the kids from Sham Shiu Po district and get a close look on this district. Also, I am happy that I can work with all the 29 students from HKUST and organize this wonderful superlearning camp. During the preparation and the camp, I have improved my leadership skills, problem solving skills and teamwork skills. It is a really an unforgettable experince and it encourages me to join more social responsibility projects in the future and serve the community.